Dec 21 2011

Funny Nativity

Love this one!



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12/21/2011 4:45:48 AM
Elijah United States
That song that just played "one last christmas" really touched my heart. My wife and I have a 6 month old at home who is our first child and everything makes more sense now. Thank you for being there each morning as a beacon of christ's love. Merry Christmas.
12/21/2011 8:00:35 AM
Kim United States
What about taking a pan of bars or a cake to a party with a piece missing. Some times I would love to do that. just to make sure it tastes good of
12/21/2011 8:25:29 AM
During the children's Christmas program, Mary laid the baby Jesus (doll) into the manger. Joseph put his hand on the manger and Mary pulled it closer to her. Then Joseph touched the baby and Mary grabbed baby Jesus and they actually had a pulling match with the baby.  Mary won.
12/23/2011 9:55:31 PM
Erin United States
The only funny nativity story I can think of comes from an e-mail I recieved at least five years ago. Apparently this is a true story from a mom who lives in the UK:

"Went to Abigail's school Christmas concert (no "proper" Nativity this year). Each class did a little something followed by a song or 2. Anyway, Ab's class did a Nativity scene, with Ab as Mary (How proud was I?). A few mins into their bit Ab promptly lifted her dress & shoved baby Jesus up it. The script then wandered away from what they'd learnt & goes as follows....

Joseph: "What are you doing?"
Mary: "I'm feeding our baby"
Shepherd: "Have you got a bottle up there then?"
Mary: "Don't be silly he's having milk from my booby"
Joseph: "That's disgusting"
Mary: "No, that baby milk they have in Tescos is disgusting. My baby's having proper milk"
Shepherd: "What's a booby?"
Mary: "Those sticky out bits ladies have"
Shepherd: "They're not boobies, they're nipples"
Mary: "No they're not, they're boobies"
Joseph: "So why can't Jesus have milk from a bottle then?"
Mary: "Because I haven't got a breast pump with me - you forgot to put it on the donkey"
Shepherd: "Can't you ask the teacher for a bottle to feed Jesus with?"
Mary: "No because this is the best way to feed Jesus. Anyway bottles haven't been invented yet & even if they were I've just had a baby so if you think I'm faffing about round Tescos to buy baby milk when I make proper milk in my boobies you can think again"

I felt a teeny bit sorry for their class teacher - she did try her best to steer them back towards their proper lines but she was laughing so much she didn't really stand a chance. The line about Joseph forgetting the breast pump finished her off - she slid to the floor & couldn't get up for laughing...."
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