Jan 10 2012

Girl Scouts Celebrate 100 Years!

The Girl Scouts of the USA is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a major badge redesign — the first in 25 years. Here, a brief guide to the scouts' "cool" new badges:  Click Here.  Some old-fashioned badges — like Looking Your Best and Fitness to Fashion — have been eliminated or drastically altered. A number of new badges — like Good Credit, Money Manager, and Savvy Shopper — have been added, with a focus on financial literacy. Other new badges include Comic Artist, Behind the Ballot, Website Designer, Locavore, and Car Care. Read More Here


What would your "row" look like?

Last night I (Craig) noticed something on my Netflix account online.  It shows rows of movies that you have watched and others that it figures you might be interested in.  And by that row reads this little statement: ”Your taste preference created this row.”  That struck me.  This row that featured comedy, documentaries, psychological dramas and such was created by MY taste preference.

At that moment I pictured the end of my life with a long row of pictures.  Pictures of people, emotions, actions, words, intentions and more.  And next to that row read this: "Your taste preference created this." Have you ever thought you could create something out of your own taste preference?  You can.  If you don’t like what’s being created in your life, take a look at your taste preference…do you have a taste for the things of God and His will or for the things of this world and your own will?  What do you and your tastes prefer and what are they creating for others to watch?

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I knew first time anything about Girls Scouts.
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