Jan 24 2012

His timing is always perfect!

I Was Wondering About That Believing Part – by Craig

While at the airport over the weekend I met a woman named Curtis. That’s the name that was on her shirt, it was her last name.  Anyway, she was working the snack shop and noticing how cheerful she was, I felt compelled to ask her if she had given her life to Christ.

She said, “No. But I’ve been thinking about that.”  I said, “What’s keeping you from Him?”  She replied, “I’m just trying to be good enough and I don’t know if I’m there yet.”  With excitement I said, “The good news is that you will never be good enough! He’s not asking you to be good enough; He wants you to receive what’s already been done for you. And you do that by faith.  You believe in your heart God raised Jesus from the dead and confess, with your mouth, Jesus as Lord and you WILL be saved.”

It was funny....she smiled and said, “I was wondering about that believing part!” I shared with her about the forgiveness He offers for our sins and His Spirit by which we can live life.  It was a wonderful moment with Curtis and Jesus in a simple snack shop at the airport.  She made a profession of faith that morning amidst the overpriced energy drinks, candy bars and magazines. 

I wonder how many people today are also wondering?  I pray you’ll run in to a “wonderer” today. And if that’s the case, please know that most likely Jesus will be there too.

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1/25/2012 12:17:29 AM
Annette N. United States
Annette N.
I was listening to the morning show 01/24/2012 as I was taking one of my cats to the vet. They were discussing how stores are set up to be shopped counter clock-wise. Amy had made the comment that she always turns right when entering a store and that she thought it might be because she is right handed. I always turn left and I am left handed, but my mom always told me to get the cold stuff last. Thinking on that note, I may turn left because the non-food items are on the left hand side of the store.
I also wanted to comment on Kankelfritz's comment about driving and being in the store. I often tell my children that pushing a cart is a lot like driving a car, so pay attention. I understood what you were saying.

Love you all and may God bless you all
Your sister in Christ
Annette N.
1/25/2012 5:32:10 AM
martha United States
Hello!  I was listening to the man who questioned his commitment to JESUS. Doubt is one of satan's biggest tools---as long as we doubt our salvation, our worthiness, we are ineffective tools for CHRIST.  Remember--GOD made dirt first, and HE loves everything HE created!  (I listen to you guys every day--keep up the good work!!)  GOD Bless & Thanks for the great music!
1/25/2012 7:08:02 AM
Rebecca Good United States
Rebecca Good
I SEE, I FEEL and I UNDERSTAND how God is using KLOVE...every person is a Ministering Soul and The Artist inspired Specific People according to their status in life's social society and Spiritual Status: THE WHOLE Being of Each Indidual Person.

Makeup Subject:
I had a desire to be a NUN--I believed in God only shallowely because I have a Bible my parents gave to me and my twin brother had one too.
It wasn't until going to church at the end of the road...sharing the family car of my mother allowed me to fullfill the desire of my Heart. To Know God....One nite during a Revivial I raised my hand when all heads were bowed and People Raised Their Hands (to God) and (Outward professions) All In the Secret Place of Our Hearts. The Secret Place in Church.
This promped a man to come to my house and ask for me and to share "The Bible" that's all he said...and The Wonderment of God proceeded.
I accepted Jesus Christ as My Savior on 6-9-1969...I had just turned 12 yrs old on May 9, 1957. Then the Joy Began and The Blessings Did To for the "Good" Family.  My twin- Richard accepted the Lord on Same Day few minutes after I did...he had come upstairs he was playing basketball and came into the house.
Praise the Lord for a man called..."John King"...we went, he followed in visitation Ministry.
I was saved...I had desire to be a "Nun"...like Salley Field Movies at that time. Also a TV influence but I thot in mind....I can't wear Make-up...I wasn't allowed to wear make up until I was older, which prompted the Story of Putting on Red Lipstick....I deceived and disobeyed my mom...Her Make-up was in front of me daily-The Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet above the Sink.

Short Story: I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant BUT I'm also gifted as a Teacher in How to Use Makeup in Alluminating Your Features...My area of Creativity is The EYES.
God has given me a beautiful appearance in WHO HE HAS MADE ME....Rebecca. It goes deeper than skin deep because I know when to Wear Makeup & When Not..to wear but it wasn't until Feb 6, 2010 that I rededicated my life to God...The was the 2nd Time...and resolved myself to his employment. I worked in government for 34 yrs and God's Next job for me was going to be great!  Taking care of myself financially and physically. I have always had God in My Heart and Life...and my view of life comes from a parallel view. I'm a Twin, I feel the parrable stories from the Bible, I feel the Spiritual Talents & Spiritual Gifts all from God.
Make-Up ....Wearing...Ask yourself is it an Addiction-I always were MakeUp because I protect my skin by using Mary Kay Products but with the understanding of Using as A Light that Shines For God and not a Form of Painting My Face. I eluminate MY EYES...However, more Importantly,..When your in the Spot Light and the Man your with makes the difference. Unity of Marriage and How Husband & Wife are Two-Fold. Unity of Christian Family Members is Viewed Two Fold-Within The Family Unity...Wife is submissive to Husband. and a representative to HIM and GOD.  
Single, Solitary Life and an opportunity to Shine For God because it goes back to How She thinks about what she is putting on her face and how she is doing it.  Does It illuminate her and causes a Beauty that Shines Outward first and Inward second. Lifestyle Focus In a Busy World...needs to be Constantly Battling & Constantly Asking God to only do what matters at the present time....
Amazing how much you can get done in a day.  When your on God's 24 Hrs Plan and you manage the time....That goes from Eating and Balancing your Time but Asking God, Ok God what should I do....Put Foundation on, Leave the Mascare Off. Put Both On and Create The Best Looking Beautiful Person you are and Your Voice sings louder.  
For a woman...her heart is her soul and her love for children and admiration for husband attitudes come into perfect balance in THIS WORLD and Makes Her Shine in The SKy....
That's Why My Picture on FB is Looking UP...I'm always Looking Up to God...My Love and My Life and makes me want to Shine in All The Attitudes of a Mind.

Very, deep...Very Explosive....Very Powerful...But also it your choice in HOW you use it.   This goes for any object purchased...because you need to seek the root of your purpose....Why are you buying this? Do You have Time to Use It? Should be show your humility in not Critizing God by Covering Up His Beauty Created?
In everything, and In every situation, Choose wisely because your actions send mixed signals. Unless, the Unity of Goals & Time are really evaluated in their vale.  Have your spent God's money to you for something of "flesh" desires.   Look deeply and Live Even Deeper in the Blessings coming to you.   Grasp Every Blessing God has for you each day and not storeing up missing blesses in Our Heavenly Fathers Store Rooms of Heaven...The building that holds all our Missed Blessings...you don't want to fill it up now with Blessings Missed.
God Bless Your Days In All Ways and Give Us ALL your blessings.....
1/25/2012 7:27:25 AM
Rebecca Good United States
Rebecca Good
The Beauty of Your Character?
For a Women It's Her Heart & Soul- As Mother & Wife
Our Names are who we are:
First: Our Personality
Second: Our Heritage

If your Shinning, Practing God's Presence In Your Life as a Friend and Father....it motivatives positative motitives and creats a "AWE" "ENGERGY"....that that gets stronger and shines even brighter.  How bright can we shine? I just want to have a crown to give to My Lord and not be empty handed.  Becaues I love the Lord with ALL of my Heart, Soul & Mind.
WE all need to slow down and let God work in us by going out and sharing in the superbowl of life.   Give Until It Hurts and Keeps Hurting...Giving of Time until God's Time to come.
Challenge Your Self to think ok.   What Do you need? How can I help?  and for me   What Do I Want for God...He knows what I Need and My Job is To be the Christian In This World with Fruits of the Spirit and rebuking any form of evil and Remembering God does not stay in the same way man works in a day. See What God Tells you and when in Doubt---Don't Do Anything, Sing a Little Louse and Sing Often, I desiring to draw Close to God.
Names Are Famanominal:
Artists: AARON SHULTZ and MARK SCHULTZ...SIMILARITIES....God's Design In Names. Is a real amazing story.
Challenge People to Look at WHO THEY ARE after The Study of Who God is......This world is of a confused Mind.  God is a God of Love, Not of Confussion....when every start stress, STOP redirect yourself back to God.   God Blesses Abundlety....Praise The Lord...AMEN
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