Jan 26 2012

Super Bowl is coming!


In case you haven't heard....

The Super Bowl is coming to Indianapolis and that's where the Morning Show is! This morning, we were able to take a few minutes to talk with Allison Melangton, President of the Super Bowl Committee.

Allison shared that there will be over 68,000 people in the stadium for the game, but over 100,000 will be at the event for the festivities and "experience." Well, it's no wonder, with all the events scheduled in the days ahead.

Check out the official Super Bowl XLVI site: Click Here


"Souper" week on the Morning Show!

As we get ready for the big game, our team will be on the road, next week, with David Crowder to collect food for the Souper Bowl of Caring! Looking forward to meeting our K-LOVE family, service, and fun! More info

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