Jan 27 2012

Kari Jobe in the studio!

Kari Jobe visited the studio today to share some songs and laughs!


Pictured L to R: Kris (Kari's Sister), Kank, Amy, Kari, Craig, and Hank (Kari's guitar guy)


Having some fun with Craig's Happy Light!


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1/27/2012 6:47:56 AM
June Dominacki United States
June Dominacki
I was listening to your comments on People Watching vs. Staring.  When you told the story about the children at the Doctor's office staring at your daughter perhaps you missed an opportunity.
If you would have asked them their names and introduced them to your daughter and made them see she is just a little girl like them with some extra challenges.  Then they might not stare but interact and not be afraid of people that are different.  Most children stare because they are curious or frightened by the difference in that person.  If we get them to accept everyone for what is inside and not outside appearance the world would be better for it.  Jesus never looked away from the Lepers or others with differences but approached them upfront.  Love you guys in the morning keep the laughter going and the thought provoking talk that keeps our lives in perspective.  In the Lord, June Dominacki
1/27/2012 8:25:44 AM
Janae Propeck United States
Janae Propeck
I love Kari Jobe! I'm a huge Kari fan! I've sang two of her songs as special music at my church. Now the opportunity is rare for me to sing solos at church, but I enjoy that opportunity when God opens the door! I turned up the radio when I discovered that she was singing "We Are" live. Anything before that, I hope will be posted to Facebook or on here.
1/28/2012 4:17:57 PM
:) United States
Awee I love Kari Jobe so much Smile
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