Feb 03 2012

Back home in Indy

It's great to be home and share our morning with David Crowder and Grandma Jeanne! 

Check out the instrument Grandma Jeanne shared from Africa - love it! 


What a sweet gift - Grandma Jeanne gave the African instrument to David Crowder!


Last stop with  David Crowder & the Souper Bowl of Caring! We're just 8,000 from a total of 50,000 pounds of food collected!

If you're in Indy, please bring by all the canned and dry goods you can to Northview Church in Carmel.

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2/3/2012 7:14:12 PM
Tanya United States
I missed one comment this morning and it's driving me crazy. Some guy and his wife were talking and one asked to prove their love and I think it was the guy that whispered something but that's what I missed.... Please let me know....
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