Feb 06 2012



With the movie Courageous and the popular song from Casting Crowns, courage has been on the mind of many.  I stumbled across the real meaning of courage and think it will surprise you! ~ Craig

The Definition of Courage – root word for courage is “cor” which is Latin for “heart”.  Today’s definition of courage has to do more with being heroic, but courage originally meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.”  It’s about vulnerability.

Are you willing to admit you don't know the answer at times?  That's courage.  Are you willing to say "I need help"?  That's courage.  Courage is being honest, vulnerable and authentic in a world that says otherwise.  Be courageous!


Embrace your 'toughness'

Came across this article about Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and found it applicable to our lives as Believers. Thought you might like it!

Eli's 'toughness' makes him an elite QB

"He buys time. He can make the most of every second." As believers we are told to buy up every opportunity.
"He’s at his best under pressure."  Since this is not our home, in a sense, we are always under pressure. So don’t be surprised if you feel that at times.  Some of the best moments in life come out of trying times.
"He completes passes most quarterbacks don’t attempt." God will call you to do that which others won't.  And it's always something that seems beyond you! 
"He welcomes contact."  Don’t care about getting hit in this life.  Expect it. 
"He always gets up." A righteous man falls 7 times and rises once more!

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2/8/2012 2:05:47 AM
. India
Receive this as a warning. This forty day journey cannot be taken lightly.
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2/9/2012 6:31:14 PM
Joseph Romero United States
Joseph Romero
Sometime last week. i was listing to k-love and keri jobe's song "Find you on my knees" and i starting to cry and really sunk into my heart. Because no matter what life has in store for you or how many curve balls u get in life, everything will be OK and work out. And now i seem to cant change the station. Smile love all the music on here. and that is my favorite song. thank you k-love  
2/14/2012 1:41:40 AM
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Prep Material
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