Feb 09 2012

Move a Mountain!

Hi!  Craig here.  If you find yourself dealing with a mountainous situation in your life, here's something I learned not too long ago that might help you out!

If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.  Most of us are quite familiar with those words of Christ and most likely have told many mountains to move in our lifetimes.  For ten years I told the mountain of clinical depression to move from me, and it just stared back and said "No." My problem could very well have been what Jesus told His disciples when they couldn't drive out the demon, 'you don't have enough faith'.  Frankly, all I knew was that I was sick and tired of being depressed and wanted this mountain gone.  Then one day the Holy Spirit whispered to me something that started the beginning of the end:  "Drag it into the presence of God." You see, according to Psalm 97:5 the mountains melt like wax in the presence of the Lord.  So, if that mountain you've been telling to move says 'no',  just grab it and drag it into the presence of God.  After all, He is with you always!  And as God is magnified over your circumstance, you simply get to watch that mountain melt like wax!


The Power of Words


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2/9/2012 6:57:53 AM
Anita United States
My friend is facing a mammoth mountain---her siblings have turned against her in an estate situation. Instead of honoring their father's last will & testament they have chosen a different path. One of destruction and mayhem. 3.5 years of this and she is breaking from the most recent paperwork where they are calling for her to be jailed for removing her own belongings(yes, that is what the papers say), & be removed from receiving her tenth of the estate.

She has an 11 year old adopted son, they managed to get her fired (in a round about way), had her kicked from her home, lost over 50 pounds & has no one else here for support as her husband died a number of years ago from MS & her daughter lives in California. She has had to defend her character after being accused of stealing from the estate by family of whom have basically never held any jobs. 1 has a 27 yr drug history, 1 has been in jail for a great number of years, 1 is married and well to do, 1 stole from the parents by forgery & sold a piece of property out from under them in California and is to subract over $70,000.00 (yes thousand) from his portion per the will and it goes on & on. Only 1 of the siblings even lives in the same town in KY (the addict who kind of got this ball rolling)--and to keep him from being homeless the father let him live in a garage with no heat/air but was fixed up with ample things to keep him from being homeless---he has stolen over $100k worth of metal & stuff---sold it, admitted it under oath.... while all the others have lived in California all these years. They have even had him kicked off the property now (guess his plans have been somewhat foiled).

My friend is basically the only one who has been a productive working member of society & a trusted person who her father put in charge of managing his rental properties in this area for more than 20 years.

I've seen her documentation, records, etc from the past probably 20 yrs. I've read the depositions and all of it points to her being in the right. I honestly don't know why a judge has not read any of it and how the lawyers can have it all sequesterd so he can't see it. It's a shame. However, that said, we are praying still for God's wisdom & word to guide her.

Though she was barely understandable, she called last night in tears at the end of my small group meeting and begged me to come. I gathered a small group of women & my husband-went to her and annointed and prayed. We prayed for these family members for they know not what they do.

She has been hurt by them in so many ways yet she prays for them still to know Jesus. She knows God has a plan and yet still she begs to know why she has been put thru this entire situation. I can say difficult is shallow compared to this mountain.

I can say she has been strong to hold it together and stay faithful. I can say I believe her & her documentation. I can say I don't understand how or why she has had to try prove herself innocent without the benefit of this documentation to support her. I can say I don't think I could have fared as well as she & with the understanding there is a bigger purpose here though none of us understands. I can say this IS a mammoth mountain that has been laid before the throne and yet things still seem to fly at her. I can say through all of this she still has faith and believes that no matter what happens it is HIS will that will prevail. He puts no more on us than we can bear & he is just.

Thanks for letting me put this out there and I also ask for prayer from any and all prayer warriors. I don't know for what to pray exactly other than her safety and protection as well as her sons'.

2/9/2012 6:58:30 AM
Hannah United States
Hi guys,
I like the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃❤
2/9/2012 7:08:23 AM
Ruth United States
Good morning! I love listening to your show everyday on my way to work. I just graduated college and am in a new city and sometimes I just need encouraging music and I can always count on KLOVE. What is the quote you all said this morning? I know it ended with life is about who you know and how well you know him, but what is the full quote. I loved it, but couldn't write it down fast enough! Please let me know. Smile thank you all for what you do.
2/9/2012 7:50:03 AM
Ginny United States
I enjoy listening to your show every morning while I'm at work -- you are all crazy! LOL -- thank God for people who make you laugh - which we need to do more often.  God loves to hear us laugh. Thanks
2/11/2012 2:22:36 PM
SOFIA GASTON United States
Wow - I currently have this HUUUUGE mountain where a lot of folks are telling me what i am doing is impossible - that i am "CRAZY" for even thinking i can do it.  But I believe it and feel it so strongly in my heart that God has given me the means to go back to school while working full time, that it may be "CRAZY" to some but i strongly believe God wants me to do this.  I have een praying for so long - years - for God to give me the means (time and money both) and this year, inexplicably - i have it.  I was afraid of certain things that i will not be able to afford because of the cost of tuition - but lo and behold, i get a tax refund whihc is 85% of my tuition, a gift from a loved one that made up for the rest without even asking for it, my boss authroizing my proposed work hours (adjusted due to work schedule), and MANDATORY OVERTIME (14 hours) at work that will allow me to earn more money so i may save funds for the next semester - this mandatory overtime was viewed by a lot of folks as a travesty becasue its additional time i need to spend at work "How will you have the strength to go to school and do homeowork" (i am taking 4 classes btw which is a fulltime student schedule) Most people around me were pretty much shaking hteir heads saying htings like "You bit off more than you can chew"  But i prayed and prayed and prayed for this - asked my sister Marie - a very devout Christian and her prayer group to pray for me because i was not sure i can do this -- but the lazy SOFIA all of a sudden was waking up earlier than she has ever woken up - staying up to study and still have the energy to work at a job that is mentally and emotionally demanding (I AM A HOME LOAN PROCESSOR for the largest Mortgage bank in the coutnry - not naming it - but it is def the largest mtge bank in the country) -- This - my energy, the finaces that are coming in, the time that i never knew i had, the alertness - all this is from GOD whose promise always prevails -- I thank HIM to no end each day - I dont know HOW HE DOES IT - it is that mountain you speak of - ANYONE CAN DRAG IT IN GODS PRESENCE - and it melts like butter on a hot teflon skillet - just like that! Lord my FATHER you are ever so WONDEROUS - NO WORDS WILL BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE HOW OMNIPOTENT YOU ARE. No matter how big you think that mountain is - when everyon keeps telling you - "no way", "impossible" "you are biting off more than can chew" - well you know what folks -- Yes, i may have bit off more than i can chew but i have GOD at my side who will not only CHEW IT for me but spit it out looking not like the most beautiful thing you have ever seen - so beautiful and wonderous it will leave your "NO WAY" mouth speechless..... HA! - My God is not dead HE is surely alive and moving mountains for me !!!!!
2/11/2012 2:23:33 PM
SOFIA GASTON United States
oh - me again  - Klove - thank you for bringing GOD into my car into my desk into my bathroom and everywhere i go where i can take my earbuds and/or my phone.... Smile
2/11/2012 2:48:16 PM
Devon Panetta United States
Devon Panetta
2/12/2012 2:39:05 PM
Walt Petersen United States
Walt Petersen
I know your pain and struggles with depression all too well, having been diagnosed at age 55 with severe clinical depression. That was 10 years ago and I still have daily hills to climb and pains to overcome. In fact, about 5 months ago, the medications that had worked for several years and brought welcome balance and peace to my life...stopped working. To add "fun" to this long term experience, I even found out at age 59 I was adopted so all that shared medical history that baffled my doctors was to be thrown away...we still "wing it"
But with it all came an incredible blessing, a blessing beyond measure...I had been churched since being a small child but had never experienced a true relationship with the Lord. I was diagnosed in the fall of 2001 with the depression, and on 11/25/2001, at my lowest point in life, I was saved at church, and had the most awesome experience as my Lord stepped forward that day, touched me and changed my life forever. From that point on my faith in the Lord has brought me through many tough days and he is especially guiding me now as I deal with an unexpected reoccurnace. I willing tell others, I would not be here today if it was not for my faith in the Lord. I willingly talk with others about depression and what my Lord has done to help me through it all. My favorite scripture is, Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing and Give thanks in all circumstances...1 Thes, 5:16-5:18 and my NC license plate is REJOICEA...Rejoice Always. Every day I pray for healing, every day I know I am healing...I love my Lord. God bless you and KLOVE for the ministry you bring to others...I know it makes my days!!!
2/13/2012 6:52:44 AM
Charlie United States
I understand what it's like to have an emotional moutain that doesn't want to move.  I was diagnosed with type I Bipolar when I was 18.  The worst part about it, was that I had rapid cycling.  I would be manic for a few hours, then would plunge into the worst suicidal darkness at night.  It was horrible and it put a huge strain on my relationships.

This past summer I was talking to my psychiatrist, and I asked him if he has ever seen anyone with Bipolar cured.  He told me that if I had been diagnosed at an older age, it could have been possible for the symptoms to leave, but since I was so young when diagnosed, that I had 0% chance of ever having this disease leave.

My doctor also told me that if I went off my medication, the second things went wrong in my life, I would plunge right back into the worst depression.

Well, it's been about 6 months since I have taken any medication, and some very difficult things have come my way, and yet I have not gone back into depression or mania.  I believe God told me that as long as I cling to Him, that He would be my medication.  I have had times where I thought my mood was off, and maybe I was starting to feel a little depressed, but I would just focus my attention on God, and it would go away.

I am very thankful to God for the miracle He has given me.  I wanted to share this, because I know there are a lot of Christians who are dealing with different diseases that maybe the doctor has told them will never be cured.

Keep beleving, keep asking God, and keep praying on your knees.  Never lose hope, because our God is the great physician and He loves to heal His children.
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