Feb 15 2012

Are you exhausted?

Good news if you're exhausted! - Craig

I read an article recently about exhaustion and how it has become a status symbol.  Basically it's become a habit for us to say "I'm exhausted".  In saying that, we believe others are perceiving us as busy and productive, and therefore, our perceived exhaustion is a sign of our worth and importance.  Interesting is the fact that while we are exhausted, America consumes more coffee than any other country and the energy drink craze is thriving.

Now, this is not to discount the fact that many are truly exhausted.  Single parents, people with multiple jobs, teachers, doctors, mom, dad, students, etc.  So what do we do with this?  Here's what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 7:12 "Wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors."  What?  Another translation puts it this way: "Wisdom energizes it's owner."  Well, the Bible says that Jesus is the Wisdom of God.  So, in the presence of Christ, who is Wisdom, you and I are energized!  In His presence we have all the wisdom and energy necessary to walk in this busy, crazy, unpredictable life!

So if you're exhausted today, He understands and He has exactly what you need for the present moment!


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2/15/2012 6:42:36 AM
Hannah United States
2/15/2012 8:30:21 AM
Zoe United States
When it comes to needing a break from the kids that have special needs or not go to www.brightstarcorp.com and follow the directions. When you talk to someone let them know that zoe who is a cregiver that works with the san juan capistrano,ca office told you to call them. God bless and i hope this helps. and don't be afraid to pass this info on.
2/17/2012 7:26:09 AM
Angela United States
Two weeks ago I heard Peter Lord speak at Crossroads Community Church. He shared an honest and inspiring comment about life. When asked how we are, simply reply, "I am blessed and very much so!"
2/20/2012 3:51:08 PM
patrick United States
great word we are studing wisdom on wed night and you my friend are RIGHT-ON
2/20/2012 3:51:59 PM
patrick United States
we miss you in Tulsa
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