Feb 17 2012

Tools for parents

Ways to Spy on (keep track of) Your teen driver.

GPS-based tracking systems can record where your teen drives and his or her behavior along the way.

When the DriveCam video feedback system senses risky driving, it records a few seconds of what the driver is doing and seeing. The footage is sent to DriveCam, where it is analyzed by a safety professional. Once a week, parents are sent a report that includes the footage and advice on how to improve.

The CarChip Pro records data and allows parents to set thresholds for speed, acceleration and braking. If these thresholds are exceeded, a beeping sound alerts the driver. At $119, it is one of the more cost-effective options.

The iGuardianTeen app, for example, disables texting and calls. A report is sent to parents after every driving session, and includes information about top speeds, duration of thetrip and any excessive G-force events triggered by sudden braking or swerving. The program alerts parents if the app is shut down. It is only available for Android phones and costs $4.99.

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