Mar 05 2012

Abolition International

Abolition International

1.2 million children have been sold into human trafficking; 200,000 of which are in the United States. Can you imagine a 12 year old being sold into prostitution? Sadly,  this is the average age for girls trafficked into prostitution in the United States.
Abolition International is dedicated to the elimination of human trafficking both domestically and abroad. Founded in 2005 by K-LOVE artist Natalie Grant, the organization is committed to ending the suffering of women and children sold into sexual slavery through accreditation, advocacy, education and restoration efforts.
Natalie was struck with the realization of human trafficking on a trip to the red-light district in Mumbai, India and subsequently took action. “God completely changed my life when I took a trip to India. I saw little, tiny children for sale on the street and I began to learn about the modern day horrors of slavery; human trafficking,” Natalie explains. “I knew I’d be wrecked for life after that trip, but I also knew that I could not stand by and do nothing, I had to do something.”
Natalie originally founded the organization, first known as The Home Foundation, to be a place where victims of trafficking could be cared for and restored. Since its origin, the organization has grown to become Abolition International; a leader in education and advocacy in front of Congress, while still maintaining its focus on restoration and accrediting aftercare facilities.
Learn more about Abolition International by visiting their website.



Samaritan's Purse helping with the recovery in Indiana!


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3/5/2012 8:21:43 AM
Cynthia M. Snay United States
Cynthia M. Snay
Being 5 years old, stolen from my mother by my father and Step mother, who needed me to be her work horse on her farm, very mistreated, a father who didnt Care! At 15 I ran away to Calif,to my mother I missed her so! Only to get out there to find she was a terrible Drunk, from there my life was like a roller coaster! Bad marriages abusive and being cheated on! Still God blessed me with6 kids, and I gave my life to Jesus in 87 and was Baptized,Beng in a bad marriage though I still believed I did alot of Backsliding! Finally in June of o6 God sent me and Angle and were were married! The devil got a hold of him and he walked out on me and my youngest son , who Is handicapped! We didnt know why we both feel apart and yes I was so Anger with God! But after the anger I gave it all over to him! * months later he brought Patrick back to us and broke that bond Satin had on him, and me and my son! Sept 27th12010 we gave our lives back to Jesus, we were remarried on Christmas eve! And we are in Church and even when things get tough we give it to Jesus! Now I endure alot of Physical pain, a  health Problem I cant fix! Still everyday I know I am Blessed! And Jesus is and has been walking with me all Along!I read my Bible daily and I dont always understand, but I know Jesus Died that terrible death for me and dose and has always Loved me!I love the Lord and Praise Jesus, for being there though my life has not been easy,and times I was mad, he waited on me and Loved me in spite of me! What a wonderful Love he has for me! I want to and try to draw closer to him all the time! He has Peace waiting for me and I just want to Say Thank you JESUS!!!!
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