Mar 09 2012

Your happiness...

Things You Think Will Make You Happy? 

Common paradoxes that keep us from living our best lives. Avoid the impulses below, and you'll be primed for lifelong happiness.
-Becoming rich, powerful and famous.
-Treating God as if He were a mail-order catalog by expecting to gratify our every desire.
-Yearning for the "freedom" to achieve every last wish. This is not freedom, but being the slave of your own thoughts.
-Maliciously taking revenge on someone who has hurt you. By doing so, you become like them and poison your own mind.
-Assuming that any one thing will make you happy. Such predictions usually don't turn out to be true.
-Expecting all praise and no criticism. Without criticism, you won't progress.
-To vanquish all your enemies. Animosity never brings happiness.
-To never face adversity. Refraining from doing so will make you weak and vulnerable.
-Expending all your effort on taking care of yourself alone.


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3/10/2012 8:50:42 AM
Carmel United States
That is so true, I believe I fall under the one above the last, not facing adversity.  My reason for this is, cause I don't like to hurt people feelings, yet they care nothing for mine.  tragic right?  to tell you the truth, I'm facing one right now. I'm definately preying to God for boldness and strength in this seduation, for he says "His strenght is made perfect in weakness", and I strongly believe it.
  Thanks for that, cause it was a comfirmation for me.
3/10/2012 9:18:25 PM
jo daniel United States
jo daniel
i just went thru a heartbreaking divorce after my
husband left me.
i was praying one day and just mentioned how great it would be to have someone love me
unconditionally.soon after He sent me a pit bull.she does that and
3/12/2012 5:32:17 AM
Diane Elrod United States
Diane Elrod
Driving to work--just heard the end of a comment about a musci artist that leads worship in Clarksville, TN---who is that and what church???  My youngest son just got transferred to Ft Campbell this past week with his wife and new twin girls--6 months old. Very young couple with a lot on their plate.  A good fellowship could go a thousand miles at this point in their lives---first time out "on their own."
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