Mar 16 2012

True Story of St. Patrick

True Story of St. Patrick

It may surprise you to learn that the real Saint Patrick was not actually Irish—yet his robust faith changed the Emerald Isle forever.

Patrick was born in Roman Britain to a middle-class family in about A.D. 390. When Patrick was a teenager, marauding Irish raiders attacked his home. Patrick was captured, taken to Ireland, and sold to an Irish king, who put him to work as a shepherd.
 “The work of such slave-shepherds was bitterly isolated, months at a time spent alone in the hills.”
Patrick had been raised in a Christian home, but he didn’t really believe in God. But now—hungry, lonely, frightened, and bitterly cold—Patrick began seeking out a relationship with his heavenly Father. As he wrote in his Confessions, “I would pray constantly during the daylight hours” and “the love of God . . . surrounded me more and more.”

Six years after his capture, God spoke to Patrick in a dream, saying, “Your hungers are rewarded. You are going home. Look—your ship is ready.”  Finally—thirty years after God had led Patrick away from Ireland—He called him back to the Emerald Isle as a missionary.


American Idol - Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon is one of the remaining contestants on "American Idol" and he producers have warned him that talking about his faith could hurt his chances on the show. His response...... "I am not going to hide it, and I am not going to stray away from it just because I am on a TV show."

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3/19/2012 1:08:30 AM
Mylo B United States
Mylo B
I love your blog, guys!The articles and stories I read on here are so interesting to me, as hearing about St. Patric's life. I have always though he is Irish and never went to do some deeper researches about it, but am really surprised to hear about it. So as the story of Colton Dixon, I am absolutely behind him and his dedication,although I am personally more prone to support people who has their strong beliefs, but are not trying to influence the rest. Thanks for keeping up with such interesting posts!
3/19/2012 6:00:12 AM
Dana United States
What's weird is my brother was supposed to be born on St. Patrick's Day! Although he was a few weeks late. His birthday is the 29th as my cousin's is. But, I did not know that about Patrick! He wasn't Irish that's weird.
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