Apr 02 2012

One more week

As we enter the last week of 40 Days of Water together, we hope that this small sacrifice has offered a reminder of the privilege of having safe water at your everyday disposal, and that in the process you have gained a sense of solidarity with your neighbors in Africa. Even more so, we hope that you know that even small daily choices can contribute to ending the water crisis–and that you are a part of actually doing it.

With each drink you've given up, the money you save and donate will change lives in Uganda. But what you may not know is that you are not acting alone. Each community Blood:Water works with is also deeply active in transforming their future. Rather than providing a hand-out, which inevitably leads to dependency and failed projects, Blood:Water seeks to transform communities from the inside out, enabling them to be the agents of change within their own context.  While safe water access, hygiene, and sanitation are core objectives within our water programs, the process of enabling these skills and technologies in a community ultimately leads them on a journey of self-discovery, giving communities a platform for understanding their own capabilities, assets, and most importantly self-worth. It's not until communities are able to understand and embrace their potential, that they are fully able to utilize and sustain the projects they have worked so hard to achieve.


Check out this video highlighting Blood:Water's partnership in Northern Uganda to see a glimpse of what it means to empower and build ownership in a community like Abura Village.

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