May 01 2012

Day 2 on the Ship

It’s day two on the Africa Mercy. This morning was baby Akou’s cataracts surgery. It was a success and soon she will be able to see clearly. I spent some time in recovery with mom, Ameze, and the baby. Ameze can’t stop saying thank you.
I met another woman in recovery with an amazing story. The Mercy Ships medical team did work on her mouth. For the last forty years she has not be able to talk and barely eat because a tumor inside her cheek hadgrown so large it had locked her jaw.  The tumor was removed and she’s learning to use her mouth and eat normal foods. She showed me a thank you card she wrote for the doctor who did her surgery….it said: Thank you, Dr. Gary, for helping me find my smile!
While visiting my new friends at the hospital, I saw/heard the ‘praise and worship’ team. They travel from ward to ward with drums and tambourines singing songs to Jesus as the patients recover. Many of the patients sing along and several even get up and dance, if they can.
From singing to surgeries, the love of Jesus is evident on the ship. Patients know they’re loved…like never before. One patient recently came to the ship with a large tumor on his neck. A nurse spotted him and walked right over to start examining him. The nurse put his hand on the mans shoulder and he started sobbing. Because of the tumor he was an outcast – no one would get near him…the touch of the nurse was the first time anyone came near him in over a decade. He felt love again.
These are the stories I’m hearing over and over again. Thanks to the volunteers on Mercy Ships, patients once unloved, feel love….patients once hopeless, have hope.  Tomorrow I’ll be at a dental clinic and a special dress ceremony for women who have had surgery to repair damage caused by childbirth. I’ll keep you posted!

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5/1/2012 7:59:39 PM
Diane United States
Akou is such a beautiful baby girl. Praise the Lord for the miracle that was accomplished through the power of God! I've never heard of the Mercy Ships before but I heard about it on the morning show today. Amy, you are in Togo!!! That is so amazing!!! I am from Togo and it is a blessing to know that there are amazing works taking place there right now thanks to the goodness of our Lord. I wish I could be there. Praise the Lord. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5/2/2012 3:59:56 AM
Jodi Miller United States
Jodi Miller
GM Amy,

I wanted to let you know that the ship you are on is the same ship that brought my dad home from Korea when he was released from prison camp in 1953.  He was captured by the Chinese on Halloween weekend 1950 and was released on Sept 18, 1953.  While a POW he received Christ as his savior.  He weighed only 96 lbs when he was released.  If it hadn't been for Father Kapaun my father would have been killed because of his injuries.  Father Kapaun carried him about 100 miles on what has been termed a death march to the first POW camp, which came to be know as Death Valley.
It is amazing to me that this ship is still being used to help the wounded and sick after so many years.  May God richly bless you and the medical staff there as they continue their work helping those less fortunate than us.

5/2/2012 5:01:50 AM
Spencer United States
Thats just wonderful, continue to work for God and a huge impact in Africa. Its wonderful to wake up and read good news, news that God is moving through people to help others. God Bless!
5/2/2012 6:36:34 AM
Marius United States
Thank you for letting us enjoy and experience this journey with you Amy.
5/2/2012 6:59:41 AM
Kaye Farinella United States
Kaye Farinella
Amy, I know exactly how you feel and what you are experiencing! I go twice a year to work on the Africa Mercy in the recovery room. It is always so gratifying and I get way more in return than I ever could imagine. These patients are so thankful and grateful for what Mercy Ships is doing for them. And the impact it has on their lives is worth so much to them. To be able to live and function a normal people again changes them forever. I am grateful the Lord has given me the opportunity to serve Him in this way.
5/2/2012 7:49:06 AM
ANA VERSIGAN United States
Hi Amy,

I am originally from the Bay Area, and I am on the ship now serving in the dining room Smile  I am so amazed that you are here.  I am a huge KLove fan, so I can't believe what a blessing it is to have you here!  I am very joyous to hear about all the event you have been involved in.  You are an encouragement to those around you and I pray God continuous to keep you safe and strong while you are here.  May you continue to hear the testimonies from those around you and share them, spread the good news going on in Togo.  To God all the glory and praise.

Be blessed,
5/2/2012 11:11:06 AM
Laura Sandor United States
Laura Sandor
Hi Amy,

So good to hear and see the pictures of the wonderful work God is doing through Mercy Ships. Please give my friend Ana Versigan a big hug from me. She has such a big and wonderful heart for God and is an amazing example for the rest of us that are praying for her and Mercy Ships at home in the Bay Area.  Praying for God's hand to watch over each and everyone involved in the Mercy Ships ministry and that hearts are set ablaze for Him like never before.
God Bless!
5/2/2012 5:25:08 PM
Rose Dernoncourt United States
Rose Dernoncourt
Mercy Ships was my life for 10 years! God bless you K-Love for bringing this wonderful ministry to the body of Christ's awareness in a fresh light.  Hugs to Susan & Dr. Gary.
5/3/2012 4:49:16 PM
Christy German United States
Christy German
Dear Amy, My son and I were listening to the story about the little boy who was found in a dumpster with the cleft lip. It broke my heart that a mother would throw away her child and make him feel like he was a piece of garbage! I was so happy for him when he had surgery to correct it. While I was driving I said out loud "I would take him!" My son said mom why don't you find out, I would like a brother! So I am inquiring if the boy has been placed with a family that will love him, or is he able to be adopted out of the country?
If someone could send me a response that would be great!
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