May 04 2012

Last day in Africa!

Before flying out today, we were able to see a few more aspects of Mercy Ships (and make some more friends).


This is the dental clinic. It’s off ship. The day we visited, the dentist saw 80 patients and pulled 170 teeth.
We also stopped by the “Hope Center”. It is off ship housing for long-term patients and families. I was able to play Connect 4 with  Hatim. He won. They’re waiting to get x-rays back before they remove his tumor. It will be his third surgery.


We also met this sweet baby with a cleft lip. She will be getting surgery in a few days but is staying at the Hope Center because she lives so far away. She insisted on helping her mom with laundry. I wish my kids had this passion for doing laundry.


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5/4/2012 4:12:29 PM
Spencer United States
Its so wonderful to see how God has used K-Love to help Africa through the Mercy Ships. All prayers be with the morning show and Africa. God Bless!
5/4/2012 8:01:58 PM
peter United States
Come home safely Amy!  So cool to read your blog and see these wonderful kids.  
5/5/2012 4:30:49 AM
Kevin Trapnell MD United States
Kevin Trapnell MD
Thanks for visiting us this week in Togo!  Thanks for sharing some of our patient's stories and the life-change that happens here!  God bless your Ministry at K-Love, too!  Kevin Trapnell MD, Crew Physician, Africa Mercy
5/5/2012 6:40:40 AM
Renee Fitzpatrick United States
Renee Fitzpatrick
Reading about the trip just made me cry and realize we all can do more! Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Renee  Imler, PA
5/5/2012 6:34:31 PM
Signe United States
I see my very special friend's daughter, Mel who is the head dental assistant, in the dental clinic photo.  We've been following, supporting and praying for her for several years now when she first started working with Mercy Ships.  Wonderful that you were able to visit.
5/6/2012 5:29:01 AM
Patricia United States
My husband and I served for over two years in Bo, Sierra Leone in West Africa as UMC Missionaries.  We fell in love with the people and their love of life.  We were there in 2001 through 2003, at the end of the war.  I agree that we have never met a more caring or giving people as the people of West Africa.  They taught me much more than I taught them.  We have an awesome God who takes those who think they know and shows them how little that knowledge really is.  I am always glad when others get to experience the love of our Papa God through others.
5/6/2012 6:25:12 PM
Gail Moore United States
Gail Moore
Hi Amy, it has been wonderful reading your posts and seeing your photos! I've been to several parts of Africa on mission trips and am so blessed to have those experiences, your pictures brought back good memories. Many blessings to you!
5/7/2012 12:25:21 PM
Karen United States
Thank you for sharing pictures and for the updates. I am sure this will be a forever life changing experience for you. We serve a wonderful and mighty God. Thank you and all the staff that are making forever life changes.
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