May 08 2012

STOP! Please

Here's a video of Sam, Kankelfritz's son, on his 3rd birthday!


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5/8/2012 6:51:07 AM
Anne United States
How precious!  Hold on to these LITTLE moments while you can. Mine is now 17 and 6'1". Smile
5/8/2012 7:56:47 AM
Phil United States
Ranch Dressing is probably 3-4 times more calories than Ketchup and we are a society that loves being obese
just a thought
5/8/2012 12:09:52 PM
Debra Ganas United States
Debra Ganas
Awwww that is so precious. Reminds me of when my daughter now 20 celebrated her 1st birthday. She touched the candle flame and barely burned her finger . Of course she cried and the grandparents "almost" did'nt forgive
Enjoy those birthdays and Happy Birthday Sam!!
5/8/2012 6:26:11 PM
Demi United States
How adorable!!!!!! He looks just like his Dad. You must be so proud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM ENJOY BEING THREE!!!!! In that age the best toys come out lol. Smile
5/9/2012 6:06:19 AM
Melissa United States
Awwwwwww!!! Happy birthday, Sam! Kankelfritz(and family), enjoy the happiness of having a three year old in the house and enjoy the nights when you get up to get a drink and step on tons and TONS of toys. trust me! You'll get used to it. I'm 14- the oldest of 7 kids. the youngest is 1 year AND the only boy. (i pitty the poor kid  Smile  )Well, Happy Birthday, Sam. Kankelfritz, i'm prayin' for ya.   Smile
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