May 09 2012

Mom's Worth

As Mother's Day gets closer, we thought it might be interesting to see what a mom's job is really worth - check it out!  Mom's Salary

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5/9/2012 8:14:46 AM
Lorraine United States
Single moms are not the on;y moms who don't get a Mother's day gift. When I was married my husband's favorite quote was " You're not my Mom, so I don't have to buy you gifts." Even after we had kids he stuck by this. Not til after we got divorced and I started paying attention to how other couples did or handled things or "situations" did I find out some married woman don't get Mother's day gifts because their husbands feel the same as my ex did. That is even sadder than being single and not getting a gift.

I bring this to everyone's attention brcause of the lady that called the show and mentioned single moms don't get gifts.
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