May 16 2012

Six Commandments - just won't work!

We found this article about the ten commandments - thought you might enjoy it!

When a U.S. District Judge suggested that reducing the Ten Commandments to six would help solve a dispute.
You see the Ten Commandments, are broken up into two categories, the first four commandments are about mankind's relationship to God.  The next six are about mankind's relationship to creation, other people, things, etc.
The problem is, once the first commandment goes, the whole ten are nothing morethan suggestions. The reason those six come second is because the Bible is saying that only when God is revered can mankind avoid the pitfalls of committing adultery, murder, stealing, etc.  (READ MORE)

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5/16/2012 7:44:24 AM
Debbie United States
Hi Guys & Amy,

Love listening to you all when I get up in the morning and all day at work. K-Love is my radio station!!  I love it.  Craig you mentioned a book this morning I think the name of it was More or Less that you are reading.  It sounds like what I need to read that maybe can help me with some issues. Heavenly Hugs to all,

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