May 17 2012

Having a Graduating Child

Craig's son graduates in a week, if you have experienced this share some advice on how to adjust to this new season in life.

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5/17/2012 5:30:18 AM
Diane United States
Craig's emotion about his son graduating is very touching and something I can relate to. My son will graduate next year and I often think of the times I wish I could have over again. Him sitting on my lap and reading a story or watching a movie together. There's even a little book about the same thing...if I knew it was the last time you'd run and hug me, I would have held on longer, etc It's the little things we do with and for our children that are the most difficult to let go of and only be able to recall them as a memory. Good luck and Congratulations to Craig and his son. God's peace and love to you both.
5/17/2012 5:43:36 AM
Adrienne United States
Enjoy the moment with him. Don't get distracted by the things you are going to miss. I suggest the Mark Harris song Let My Roots Give You Wings. (off of the album The Line Between The Two)It got me through my only daughter's graduation. Enjoy the short time of freedom with you wife while he is in college or on his "own." In about 5-7 years he will meet someone, and before you know it-you will be able to read to your grandchildren.
5/17/2012 5:57:03 AM
Sandy United States
Craig,  I have (and still have) the emotions you shared.   I have two sons 40 and 28.  While I enjoyed every moment I could, and have no regrets, the short time we have them really is never long enough.   I now have grandchildren and do enjoy times with them - but as the Lord would have it they are on the mission field and time with them is also limited.   I will warn you, it is a whole new emotional thing when you look at your grandchildren and see your child in them.  It flashes you right back in time and while it is sweet and precious,  those emotions you expressed just flood your heart.  I remember a few years back while I was visiting, my son came out with a book to read and he sat at the end of the couch, holding the book as he did when he was a child, touching the corner of the couch pillow as he did when he was a child,   legs folded under him-- unaware that my eyes were glued to him as I stepped back in time and there was my little boy reading.    I blinked away tears and then my eyes saw the grown man he has become.   Like you, in my heart I just wanted to hear that little voice say "Momma, read this story to me".    
Thank you for sharing your heart.   Aren't you so thankful you have memories to draw on?   They cause us joy and tears, but what would we do if our hearts were filled with nothing but regrets ~~
5/17/2012 6:38:01 AM
Sue United States
Craig, I have grown child now 30 and 28 and I remember the bittersweet emotions.  I can tell you the hardest day for me was bringing them to college.  For me it was the goodbye to their childhood days and welcoming them to their adult years.  I had to tell myself over and over again all the love and time and knowledge that I had given them for 18 years was the best that I could give, and all that was preparation for that day.  Then it was time to cut the last cord and let them be on their own to make their own choices while I sat patiently in the wings waiting to be asked the questions they couldn't figure out or to be there when they need a hug or word of encouragement.
Now our 28 year old son is a close adult friend with his Dad.  They seek knowledge from each other.
Craig, you will both still have growing pains and it won't be easy, but just know that you have done everything God commanded you to do with the time that God blessed you with your son.  There are many young men his age that can't say that.
5/17/2012 6:42:42 AM
Vickie Haiar United States
Vickie Haiar
This morning while running I heard Craig's comment about his oldest son graduating.  It brought back a memory of when my oldest daughter graduated.  I, like Craig, was having a very difficult time letting go.  While getting our home ready for the graduation party we were to have, I had hung a large flower basket by our front door.  Shortly after hanging the basket, a robin made a nest and laid three eggs.  That front door is used often by our family, but that bird remained steadfast and never left her nest.  Even during the graduation party when people were coming and going, she stayed on her nest.  As the weeks went on, her babies hatched and we, as a family, enjoyed watching them grow, but I was still struggling with my daughter leaving for college in a few months.  Tears often welled up in my eyes just thinking about it.  One Saturday morning my son came running into the house all excited because the baby birds were leaving the nest!  I stood by the front door and watched as the Momma Robin chirped in the nearby tree encouraging her young ones to leave the nest.  One by one I watched as the young birds wobbled on the edge of the next and then with their Mother's chirping getting louder and louder, they would fly off.  As the last baby bird left the nest,tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I looked up and said, "Okay God, I get it!"  Every year I hang a basket in that exact spot, and that robin has never come back.  All my children have now graduated and moved on. I continue to pray for them each day and know that God is in control.  May God give you strength during this time of change.  God Bless!
5/17/2012 8:29:15 AM
Regina Allen United States
Regina Allen
I felt your pain this morning as you talked about your oldest graduating next week.  It is a wonderful time in his life.  Rejoice with him, letting him know how proud and supportive of his next adventure you are.  My youngest daughter graduated from college 2 weeks ago. On the morning of her graduation, all my husband kept saying was we don't have any little girls anymore, they are both all grown up.
Yes, they are but God has provided a way for them to succeed and we just have to keep loving them, cherishing them and every moment we have to spend  together.
I pray that God will give you special moments that you can remember and that your bond with your son will be even stronger as he grows after Graduation.  Congratulations!  God Bless.
5/17/2012 1:14:47 PM
Kathy United States
I was so touched by your comments this morning of your oldest graduating.  Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us.  I share your sentiments.  Our youngest daughter graduated from high school last year, and had the best senior year.  It was sad to see her go 163 miles away from home for college, but the growth that I have seen in her in the last year is just amazing.  Her nickname is "Amazing Amanda".  She was homesick for awhile, but she knew that is where God wanted her & I see God working through her everyday!  She will make a great teacher & coach someday! Our empty nest is only empty for a while, as she is back for the summer & I cherish it greatly.
5/17/2012 6:34:17 PM
Ann United States
I can relate as my youngest child graduated last week and will be going to college 10 hours away this fall.  I would say enjoy the time you have with him before he goes to school or moves out or whatever plans your son has.  You probably won't see him as much, or you might see him just as much but know that you did your job with him while he was at home and you have to let go of him to do what God wants him to do.
5/17/2012 7:23:34 PM
Holly Ryal United States
Holly Ryal

I have no words to express only tears for what you are feeling because I have those same feelings.  My daughter, my oldest and my baby girl, is as well graduating high school next month.  The hardest part for me is that I can not see her graduate. For a parent, that is a mile stone we never want to miss but unfortunatly, I will. See my daughter made the decision a year ago to take the opportunity to join her father, who is in the air force,and live in Germany. Due to the airfare costs and other accomodations, I am unable to afford to see that day with her.  My words to you and anyone who is about to watch their child graduate and move on with their life, is cherish every moment and every second you have with them. Take as many pictures as you can and every opportunity you have to be with them to create new memories. We never know when circumstances will change all of our lives. Also, know that you have raised them, the way God has directed us too and hope that they will take that with them as they are about to create a new life for themselves.  Plus, they will always be home for holidays so take them and do not let anything take them away from you.  

It is okay to cry and I truly believe a grown man is not afraid to cry.  Best wishes for you and for your son and his new adventure.
5/18/2012 6:47:00 AM
Cindy Eggleton United States
Cindy Eggleton
I realized when my daughter graduated high school that I had done all I could do (raising her in church and teaching her about God), so now my job was simply to pray for her and be available if and when she did come to me for advice or guidance. It was hard! She is almost 24 now and has 2 daughters of her own, and it's not any easier. But I want to remind you that God is faithful to answer prayer and watch over His children. "Train them up in the ways of the Lord and when they are mature they will return to it." I am still waiting for the mature part, but it's coming. Just trust Him.
5/18/2012 6:32:49 PM
Elizabeth United States
I almost cried with you this morning. Let your emotions feel what the heart is telling you to feel. God Bless
5/21/2012 4:42:56 AM
Kelli United States
I can relate, my oldest son graduated from high school last year and although my husband and I were so proud of him, the hardest moment was when he left for the military 3 months later (US Marines). I literally cried like a baby the entire time we had friends come by to celebrate and say goodbye. It wasn't sadness, it was actually joy because I was able to realize that God helped us get him to where he is today. He talks to children as often as he can while he is home to encourage them to do the right thing and to stay out of trouble. It is so joyful to see him doing what he loves the most and that he is being a wonderful role model to so many.
Enjoy the moment and remember that your child will always remember all what you put in him.
5/23/2012 9:58:54 AM
Bonnie United States
I know what your heart feels.The last of our4 children will graduate this friday.He was our surprise package at 40 years old but what a surprise God had planned for us he has been a blessing beyond my dreams.I can not wait to see what God has instore for his future.Gods blessing
to your son.
5/25/2012 5:42:49 AM
Adeli United States
Hi Craig, All I can say is embrace every single moment. I have two sons, 20 & 19 and I went through all the emotions back to back, but seeing them grow and where they are today makes it all worth wild. May God continue to bless your son and guide you through all your many emotions.  What keeps me going is how blessed I have been with my boys and they chose college not the streets or drugs.  So be proud and focus on only the GOOD. God Bless
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