Jun 27 2012

Car Sharing

Would you rent your car to a stranger? A new popular trend is peer-to-peer car sharing services.  They allow you to rent your car out to strangers and defray your ownership costs.    These services are already being offered in New York, California's Bay Area, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas, and you have the final say of who gets to rent.  Neil St. Clair of New York rents out his BMW 5 at $75 a day and made $700 last month!

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6/27/2012 5:29:28 AM
Evelyn United States
I have a 1989 Honda Wagovan that is still running on 3 out of 4 cylinders. I think the one cylinder went bad about 8 months ago. I have been doing 2 estates in NJ from VA where I live, going back and forth in the Wagovan.  Praise God for his care and guidance in Travels and that now I am getting a new motor for the Wagovan.  God provides according to our needs and this vehicle has been a blessing for me all 23 years since I got it new on my birthday in 89.  My friends joke me when they see the car but I know God can use any vehicle for His Glory.   I just have a 23 year old one right now.  
6/27/2012 2:40:38 PM
Roxanne United States
What happens if the individual that is renting gets into a car accident. Is there coverage that is offered at the time of renting?
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