Jun 28 2012

Unique Mosquito Repellants

Do you have any tricks that help repel mosquitos? Here are some interesting solutions for you this morning:

Bubble Machine

Silly, but it did prove effective. Again, soap might be the factor here. Bottom line: It works. 

Fabric Softener Sheets

Rubbed onto the skin, this method did leave us mosquito bite-free for the evening.

Dish Soap

A few squirts of dish soap, left in a saucer, did a nice job of keeping mosquitos occupied...and away from us. The results were comparable to citronella candle. Bottom line: This works. 

Eat Garlic

After eating a garlicky meal, we waited. The mosquitoes  stay away….


When diluted with water and spritzed on the skin, this promised to rid of us mosquitoes for a full night. Sadly, it just made us smell minty fresh. We were still bitten at the end of the night. Bottom line: Does not work…. Listerine…

Anti-Mosquito App

This sonic repellant promises to rid your life of mosquitoes with a touch of a button. Easy, right? So we were disappointed when all this did was drain our iPhone's battery. Bottom line: Does not work.

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