Jul 05 2012

7 tips to prevent overeating

Unless you're like Joey Chestnut who tied the world record for eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes yesterday, you probably struggle with overeating when faced with your favorite dinner or desert. Here are some ways to prevent overeating at your next meal:

Start with some soup

Next time you go out to a restaurant, start your meal with some soup. Studies show that people eat 20% less calories when the meal starts with a bowl of soup.

Use smaller dishes

By using smaller salad dishes instead of full-sized plates, or smaller spoons (to go with your soup that you started the meal with), it has been proven that people eat less. To give you a heads start, use antique plates or china as they tend to be smaller in size.

Don't use clear containers

Studies have also shown that if you can "see" the food stored away, people are likely to consume more. Candies in opaque containers are easier to resist than in clear containers.

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