Jul 06 2012

How to Fake People Out

Here are some fun ways to make you feel more wealthy or smarter than you really are!

How to fake wealth:

  • Wear Gap clothes with really expensive shoes
  • Drive the cheapest Lexus instead of the fanciest Toyota
  • Learn which foods don't cost very much, but still have ritzy French names
  • Whatever your job is, say you get more business than you can handle as a consultant
How to fake intelligence
  • Study book and foreign film reviews so you can pretend to have read or seen them
  • Wear glasses
  • Whenever someone says something you don't understand, smile and say, "Man, you are so intense."
Or you could have friends that just love you for who you are!
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7/6/2012 11:19:06 AM
Spencer United States
very cool
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