Jul 10 2012

World's Greatest Camp Song

Whose camp song is best, Amy or Kankefritz? Vote on our Facebook Page.

Tell us what your favorite camp song is here or on our Facebook Page.

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7/10/2012 6:17:46 AM
Beth Ann United States
Beth Ann
I'm 14yrs old, still going to the best Bible camp of all time at Pine Lake Bible Camp. My favorite song (of this past camp year) Would have to be Penguin Power Team. it goes like this

Leader: Have you seen the Penguin power Team?
Group: (repeat)
Leader: Look at me, a penguin you will see.
Leader: Penguins attention,[everyone salutes] Penguins begin RIGHT WING. [everyone "flaps" there right "wing"]

Repeat whole verse. The song is sort of like Father Abraham. The order is: Right wing, left wing, right foot, left foot, walk around, bob your head, PENGUIN ATTENTION PENGUIN STOP!
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