Jul 12 2012


I discovered a skill that I am losing....

I am not able to write any more.  I had a hard time writing in a journal yesterday and had to write 5 checks just to get one right.  I think this is because we type so much more than we write.  Here is a video of my horrible handwriting.

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7/12/2012 5:42:03 AM
Sally Henderson United States
Sally Henderson
I need to say something about the "Welcoming Committee".   I agree with the guys that it is the old neighbors responsibility; however, if they do not act then we should.  I moved into a new construction neighborhood.  On the fourth of July we hosted a block party and invited the whole block so that we could all meet and greet.  It was great!  19 people got together, which was nearly everyone here and we all visited and got to know each other.
7/13/2012 2:16:48 AM
Christi Maloney United States
Christi Maloney
I'm an artist, and I draw cute cards with the word of God in them, and then I give them to who ever the Holy spirit tells me to. I have none saved, maybe 4, and have given out hundreds. The last year after Jesus healed me of diabetes, another problem arose. I love to wake up early when most of the world is sleeping to spend time with God, read his word, and write his beautiful words in hard covered books. I wake up, my hands burning,numb,and in such pain, but because of that, I've come to know God deeply. I always think that I've did something wrong, that has had me face different health problems, but God is showing me that it's all for his glory. He healed me of diabetes to show my family,my doctor, and those I minister to.I'm beginning to understand why my hands hurt so bad.... see, it has brought me to know my God in a way that I never knew him.  
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