Jul 16 2012

Holding onto God's Promise

We are talking with an incredible young woman about God's promise for her marriage and the marriage commitment she made with her husband.

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7/16/2012 3:40:41 AM
Gail Ebersole United States
Gail Ebersole
God is using your station to encourage me and this weekend our message at church was titled "Is God Enough?" It was about Abraham and Isaac and how Abraham knew God's promise and that God would provide another sacrifice or raise Isaac from the dead! My marriage is dead and my husband left 1 1/2 ago BUT God said Be Still and KNow that I am God.  I am waiting and fighting the battle for my husband!  And this weekend I have seen more signs that God is moving the hearts of my family and healing is beginning to happen.  My husband continues to pursue other things that are very hurtful BUT God has told us to forgive.  He has been using Big Daddy Weave's song REDEEMED and Matthew West song FORGIVENESS to speak to my heart.  Please pray for our family.  We have a 24 and 23 year old and now matter what age your children are separation and divorce HURTS!  With man this is impossible BUT with God ALL things are POSSIBLE!!  God is in the business of raising the DEAD!!!  
Thank you!
7/16/2012 4:05:13 AM
Mark United States
I just want to say that I admire this young woman.  I myself left my wife for almost 9-10 months.  She waited for me faithfully. We have been back for over 1 year now. By putting GOD first in our marriage will be the only way that we succeed.  I hope and pray that all men would put God first in their lives and then their wives and family.  They will see what a glorius blessing that they have been given.  
7/16/2012 4:05:56 AM
Lisa United States
My husband left 5 years ago after multiple affairs.  He divorced me and God has had me standing for 5 years.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done but God has used it and men to help other marriages.  I know this will end and God will get all the glory and so many times I want to move on but God uses scripture or someone to speak and word to say wait.  I am praying for this young woman because people have also thought I was stupid, but I know God has said to stand so I stand.  God bless you.
7/16/2012 4:09:20 AM
Robin United States
God is compelling me to let you know that 16 years ago my husband & I went through this & God Triumphed over the Devil in our lives & marriage! And it would not have been that way if it weren't for God & ONLY God! And, the richness of our love for God & each other after the trauma (yes, trauma is the word) plus the huge wonderful difference in our lives AFTER God brought him to his senses & back to me has been nothing short of a miracle. Our marriage is better after & because of that horrible time than it ever was before. And that is God, also. I urge everyone going through this to find a Christian Couple (who has also gone through this & had God triumph) to talk to & counsel with. Please also counsel with Christian Counselors & Pastors as well. We will celebrate 38 years of marriage later this summer.  Praise to God for Miracles!  Jesus Wins! Thanks!
7/16/2012 4:31:38 AM
Sandy United States

I want to say praise God for her courage.  I was on the receiving end of this grace 2 years ago.  I had walked away from God as well as my husband and children for a totally different lifestyle.  My husband never gave up on me.  It took 8 long weeks and I'm sure thousands of prayers but God changed my heart and I returned to Him and my family.  To this day I so regret the choices that I made in that time period.  I still repeatedly ask my husband for forgiveness as well as my oldest child.  He was 11 at the time that all this occurred so he really understood what was going on.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank the Lord for his blessing and forgiveness.  The only piece of advice that I can give to her is don't give up and don't lose hope.  Her husband will come back it will just take time.  

God bless!

Those of us that run astray need loving people like this wonderful lady, I apologize I didn't hear her name.  Sometimes we also need a swift kick in the behind!!  IF she would like someone to talk to please let her know that she can email me and I will give her my phone number.  I will talk completely open and honestly with her.  I try to use my negative experience for something posative.  

Your Sister in Christ,
7/16/2012 5:58:42 AM
Thomas United States
Where in the bible do you find praying Jesus into your heart?
7/16/2012 6:54:17 AM
Eileen United States
i just wanted to say i was in your shoes 2 years ago, i had just found out my husband had been having an affair with my best friend from church. it was devestating to put it mildly. but i am writing to give you hope! BEcause you have the right attitude!!! I did a few things and thanks to those things my husband and i are happier then ever before!!!
*first i got right with God i worked on my personal relationship with God,
*then he and i prayed together.
*we went to a good therapist for counseling and worked on the issues that made the relationship prime for an affair.
*I also went to a web site/community called www.survivinginfidelity.com and ti taught me a lot about infidelity and why and how and how to recover from it.
*lastly I read books on infidelty and how to recover from it. there is a list on the surviving infidelity site that is full of good books.

i just wanted to let you know that it was rough adn painful and i was a shell of a person for a while but we made ti through. and we took our lessons and moved on from it. i don't even think about it weekly or monthly anymore. i know that must be hard to imagine. but i wanted to elt you know it is possible and will happen for you. i alwyas told myself God did not brign us together only to tear us apart. and also that Satan must think we are truly dangerous if he is tryign this hard to rip apart our marriage. so keep up the fight and just work on everythign girl it will be a rebuilding process but it is so worth it!!!
7/19/2012 8:48:59 AM
Laura United States
I am going through a similar situation with my husband leaving me and our children.  I was devastated when he left. I have turned to God and trying to seek God's will in my current situation.  I felt I have lost the love of my life. There were days where I could not physically get out of bed, lost my job, and started to think about divorcing my husband. With the help of my mother and mother-in-law, I have turned to God, and casting my cares upon Him.  So, I have returned to my faith, and God has blessed me in so many ways during this trial that I am going through.  During this time, I was faced with an eviction notice, because after loosing my job, I could not pay the rent.  While packing, I just sat in my garage, and gave my situation to God. I cried and prayed, "God I have no money to move, I don't even know where you want me to go, I have no family that lived here locally, and I just didn't know what to do." An inner voice spoke to me, the Holy Spirit said to me to "Be Still and Know I am God"  and I had this urgency to call my landlord and tell her of my situation with my husband leaving, and how I lost my job. She said to me, that God has given her so many blessings, and she will pass a blessing to me by allowing me to rent for free.  She is putting her house up for short-sale and is allowing us to stay here without paying another dime. My only stipulation was to up keep the house, for when they would do house showings.  WOW! What a blessing!! I feel as God is telling me to wait and be still.  I pray several times a day, seeking God's will. My family wants me to come live in another state, which would be a blessing to be around them, but I feel if I go, then I am giving up on my husband.  I believe God sent him to me 14 years ago, as a gift, and although our marriage has had some bumpy roads, I just believe that God wouldn't have blessed me with my husband, to take him away from me.  Not like this.  I know that the devil is trying to destroy our marriage.  I too, have that hope that my husband will return, and understand, that in order for him to leave, he must be facing something, that I have no control over. This is not like him. After reading the other comments on here, I now realize that my wait is not pointless, and that I am not crazy for waiting.  I do believe God's love is pure, and that love is patient, love is kind...I pray each day for God to show me His love, and that God will show me how to love my husband as Christ loves me.  
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