Jul 18 2012

Morning Inspiration from 1 Peter 1:15

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7/19/2012 4:18:21 AM
Janice United States
Thanks so much for the group prayer for rain yesterday morning!  We had much needed rain fall last night that was not in forecast!!!
7/21/2012 9:16:30 PM
desirre United States
it was only 7/16/2012 that i was on my way to work listing to my morning k love when the cast said listeners listen in because in 25 minutes were gong to ask everyone across the world to tune into k love so we can all pray for rain were in a horrific drout and for some all seems lost but its 7/21/2012 saturday night and its pouring down rain OH the power of prayer i got goose bumps! for those who dont belive whats there excuse not to!
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