Jul 19 2012

Friends Tell Friends

We noticed something different about Amy, a "Chocolate Beauty Mark." Do friends tell friends about food on the face, before or after the picture? 

What about bad breath? 

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7/19/2012 6:14:28 AM
Gayle McCarty ~ Wellington, Ks. United States
Gayle McCarty ~ Wellington, Ks.
Yes, I believe you should tell your friends and co-workers if they have something on their face or hanging out of their nose i.e. "bats in the cave" heh, heh, heh!  I love your show, thank you for being a part a my day at work!
7/19/2012 6:20:07 AM
Millie Bickford United States
Millie Bickford
You know, when I was singing in a quartet we always had a "teeth check" before a performance. I don't think men understand that! They prefer to joke about it. I'm the only female where I work and have several stress balls that are good ammunition when the guys get too silly!!
Millie Bickford - Valley Falls, KS
7/19/2012 6:36:29 AM
Pam Ulery United States
Pam Ulery
I agree you should let someone know if something is "amiss" with their appearance, in a polite and respectful manner, of course, and I understand Amy's concern.  However, in this case, it isn't so bad, really.  The guys are kinda right; it does look on the attractive side.  The really good news is, at least it's not a chocolate mustache or a chocolate ring around your mouth.  You three are very enjoyable and make me LAUGH.  Thanks for being there.
7/19/2012 7:57:51 AM
Gayle McCarty ~ Wellington, Ks. United States
Gayle McCarty ~ Wellington, Ks.
Yes, I agree with Pam, it's not bad at all and it's kinda cute ;) and you all make me laugh also!  
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