Aug 01 2012

I See You Through My Emperor's Eyes

The U.S. Fencing Mask is Awesome!  It has the American flag on the front of it so the opponent has to face it while competing.  Reminded me of a Roman soldier named Brutus Maximus, who fought a violent battle with his entire face covered with a mask of steel.  The mask was not cast in his own image, but the image of his emperor, Caesar Augustus.  It's said that he told his enemies, “I see you through my emperor’s eyes.  I represent him on the battlefield.  I am fighting for his glory.” 

It is the same with our “opponent”, Satan.   As a son and daughter of God, whose likeness does the enemy see?

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8/1/2012 6:19:55 AM
JulieFaith United States
Wonderful analogy!  Reminds me of that passage in Ephesians 6, verses 10 through 20, which speaks of the full armor of God, including the Helmet of Salvation.  The masks that you guys talked about were significant because the people wearing them represented something much bigger, and much more powerful.   I just want to remind everybody out there that when you ask Jesus Christ to be your personal savior and join God's army, when you put on the helmet of salvation and the rest of God's Armor, he is protecting you in His armor, while you are representing Him--someone much bigger, greater and much more powerful than you.  The most powerful being in the universe.  No wonder Satan will run away!
8/1/2012 8:42:03 AM
Bethany United States
I heard you guys tell this story on the air this morning, and didn't catch the "who" of who's quote this was. So I got to work and tried and tried to find it on google, not even thinking to come to the blog. But here it is and I am SO thankful it's here!! Such a powerful thought! Every day we wage a war with our flesh, willing it to be put to death, sanctifying ourselves to become more and more in the image of our God. And when we win that war, He receives that glory and honor! So symbolic, and I don't believe that's by accident, either. Smile
8/1/2012 12:54:43 PM
Donna U United States
Donna U
At least the U.S. Fencing Team knows who they're defending.  How sad that when any of the other U.S. Olympians have won the gold medal they don't bother to sing their own country's National Anthem as they are standing on the podium.  Many of them don't even show any emotion Frown
8/4/2012 11:44:18 AM
TerryC United States
Makes me think of the line from 'Live Like That's by Sidewalk Prophets - "When they see me, do they see You." Let's remember it doesn't have to be an enemy looking at us that we want to show Christ.
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