Aug 10 2012

Troops Are Coming Home

August is heaviest homecoming month for Marines in Afghanistan. U.S. News 

The highest number of U.S. Marines will exit Afghanistan in August compared to any other month in 2012 as a large exodus of American troops continues. Coming home to a huge backlog of disability claims clogging the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and it could potentially exacerbate a high college drop-out rate and sluggish job hiring, lack of mental health help, physical therapy, now plaguing many veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

"They’re afraid. This is the worst possible time for anybody to look for work let alone anybody who has been wounded and has the cards stacked up against them," said Maretich, who was wounded by a car bomb in Iraq in 2009 and has had trouble finding work in his current city, Colorado Springs. "They could retire (from the military) at 20 ...  They just don't see a job in the civilian world that is safe and pays the same."  What's more, "they don't have enough mental health (help available) now at the VA. Many soldiers will need medical care for problems with their neck, back, or knees and the system that is already trying to catch up will be paralyzed again," he said. "Mix in budget  cuts and what a mess we will have."


Please join us in praying for our troops, if you know anyone military members that need prayer please add them to our Wall of Prayer.

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