Aug 14 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

My son starts Kindergarten this week and I found myself volunteering for 7 different things just so I could be around my son more. He will be riding the bus for the first time tomorrow. Share your first day of school moments with us here or on Facebook.

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8/14/2012 4:16:33 AM
Mary Theresa Foster United States
Mary Theresa Foster
If I had the opportunity, when my kids where in Kindergarten, to do what you are doing, I would absolutely do it! As long as you are doing the job as described by the teacher/school.Not mothering only your child, but mothering the other children as well.
8/15/2012 6:48:27 AM
Kristy United States
I know it hurts when your child rushes off to school on the first day withour looking back, but trust me it hurts even more when they cling to you crying that they don't want to go!!
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