Aug 15 2012

Who Says "I love you" First

Study examines declarations of love in relationships. The Washington Post

Sometimes it comes out in a rush. Other times it becomes a game of chicken. Regardless, the first spoken “I love you” is a relationship milestone.

Josh Ackerman, a psychologist who teaches at MIT, set out to study these early declarations of devotion. According to his research, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, most people (64 percent) think the woman in a relationship usually says “I love you” first.

“We are constantly bombarded by this idea that love is about women, in a sense,” Ackerman says. “Women are the more emotional ones, and men hide their feelings. But that doesn’t necessarily appear to be the case.”

When his team interviewed 205 straight men and women about their past and current relationships, they found men were more likely to have said “I love you” first.

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