Aug 16 2012

I Won But Now I'm Paying For It

Watch The Price Is Right -- But The Taxes Are Wrong

Oh, happy day! You're a contestant on a popular game show – "The Price Is Right," let's say. You spin the wheel, you make the winning bid, and suddenly – ka-ching! – you've won the Lexus or the dishwasher or the lifetime supply of nail clippers. Pretty swell, right? From a tax standpoint, maybe not. gives the example of a "Price is Right" winner (name withheld) whose haul included a new truck, a washer and dryer, an Apple computer, a poker table and a trip to Washington, D.C. On the social news site, Reddit, the man fielded questions from people wanting to know if there was any downside to winning. There sure was: "I won $57,000-worth of items. I had to pay around $17,000 or $20,000 in taxes." Topic: your game show appearance. what did you win? how much did you have to pay in taxes?

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8/16/2012 1:32:22 PM
Kent United States
What is so wrong with paying taxes? This story is about winnings, but it applies to earnings as well. Do we not enjoy the benefits of contributing a portion toward the greater good? I like sidewalks, education, clean water, police and first responders, and public spaces. Is the perception that we individually have better ideas of how to spend our money or that we don't trust those who collect it with deciding how best to use it? Even when dealing with tithing, I am ever so grateful to God for all the parts of my life. Certainly, that same concept goes toward those who make collective decisions for our communities. All I need is just enough, not more, not less. God is the ultimate provider, and I gladly 'render to Ceasar' so I may enjoy the benefits of living safely in community with my neighbor. And we, as believers are mandated to 'do unto the least among us' as we would have done to us. May I be blessed to know I have given away all that was given to me as we pass along this way. Good and faithful servant.

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