Aug 23 2012

Curiosity Mars Transmission

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8/24/2012 6:31:01 PM
Dell United States
I lessen to you EVERY morning while getting ready for work.  I hear I kinds of story's and great things that have happened, to other people.  I was married for 28 years.  On my 28th weeding aniversity he walks in the door and said happy aniversiy, I want a divorce. All I could do was look at him, then I guess my madness happened.  I stared to cry, why, why now. We go to a great church, every Sunday. I know we have had some problems, but I have prayed for 28 years that things would get right.  Then I found out he had been cheating on me for a year with someone I know.  I could have really killed both of them.  I didn't know what to do where to go, our children we put them through school, now married and both have children of their own.  I thought it was time for us.  On top of that we had just bought a new house the one of our dreams with a 18 x 28 in ground pool. 6 acres.  He always done and had what he wanted a rall dragster, a camaro drag car, and then went to Texas and bought a 1960 Chevy Impala to restore.  I never said one word.  All I wanted was to loved as much as he loved his toys and as much as I loved him.  It has been one year and I don't know what to do with my self.  I don't drink, do't smoke,don't go to clubs.  I really don't know what to do.  I am seeing a Dr. after I tried to kill myself in June.  We owned 2 houses so I took the one that was paided for and now she is living in my dream house because I can't afford the house payment. I just sit at home alone after work all the time.  I am lost after 28 years.  Thank you for lessing to me.  And thank you for your station.  I am a christian, go to church, sing in the choir, and praise band. But I don't feel him with me. I am mad, I feel so alone It is hard to describe. I cry myself to sleep and he is having the time of his life.  It's just not fare. I was ask to leave the car club that I helped start,because he and his girlfriend would stop going if I stayed in the club. I try so hard to hear Jesus speak to me but I don't.  Everyone said just let it go. It's not that easy after 28 years. Now my best friend at 45 God has put a wonderful man in her life and they will be married in October. I'm happy for her. I just feel like i'm alone even worse again, see we were also room mates. So here I go losing again. Once again thank you for all you do on the station every morning. I love all of you!! God Bless you all. Dell
8/24/2012 7:05:37 PM
Michelle Brunner United States
Michelle Brunner
There was a quote made by Mother Teresa that was discussed this morning (Aug 24th) that I loved and got me all choked up. It was in regards to how often she prayed, and her response was something about how she gets up at 4:00am and spends her days with the lost, broken, and needy. So she spends her entire day with Jesus. Can you please send me that quote? THANKS for all you do!!! You all and KLove ROCKS btw!! ~Michelle
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