Aug 27 2012

Near Passing Experience

A registered nurse calls to talk to us about her near death experience. 


Bad Surgery


Seeing Jesus

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8/27/2012 8:42:44 AM
Larry Skahill United States
Larry Skahill
I had a few near-death experiences following being ran over by a boat while spearfishing and being "essentially cut in half" (doctor's words) by the propeller. I had no blood pressure for about twenty minutes; you die at four, so I don't believe my experiences can be attributed to hallucinations. As I neared death floating in the water, I had a growing sense of peace at the same time feeling a presence of multitudes approaching. Suddenly, I saw my body lying in the water and two men leaning over the boat attempting to save me. Looking up, I was surrounded by a powerful white, almost liquid light. There was structure to the liquid light and I realized I was looking at massive walls that reached beyond my vision as I continued to look up. There was a roar of a crowd coming from the other side of the walls and there was power emanating from the structure that surrounded me. Yet all the while, I knew I was outside and not inside the structure. The power that emanated was not just visual or audible, but rather it flowed through me and was a part of me somehow. Back on planet earth, my son succeeded in getting my body into the boat and when they rested my body over the edge of the boat, they split my wounds wide open (I had three major lacerations, the largest of which was 15 inches long and 14 inches deep). The pain brought me back to this world. How I lived with no blood for the next fifteen minutes, only God knows. I had other near-death experiences through the trauma surgery and in ICU while I barely clung to life for several days. I firmly believe I was at the gates of Heaven. So much more to tell. Thanks for this chance to share a portion of my story. Larry Skahill
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