Aug 29 2012

Fifty Niftly

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8/29/2012 4:49:08 AM
LT United States

Don't worry I like the fifty nifty united states song. we learned it in grade school and now 20yrs later I still remember all the states and the song!
8/29/2012 4:56:49 AM
Nikki United States
Amy-  I learned that song 25 years ago in 5th grade history class and thought I was the only person who still knew it!  I never knew it was an actual "song" tho!  I thought me teacher made it up!!!  I still sing it today and will teach it to my kids one day!

8/29/2012 5:32:41 AM
Kelli Binder United States
Kelli Binder
I have "wowed" many a person with my ability to sing the states in alphabetical order.  It's my claim to fame. I was so tickled to hear you singing it this morning, Amy! I giggled all the way through my child's car line at school.  Thanks, you guys, for always making my mornings brighter!

8/29/2012 5:36:45 AM
Suzanne Sanders United States
Suzanne Sanders
I can so remember learning that same song in elemtary school. When you starting singing that I went right along with you.
8/29/2012 5:36:58 AM
Wendy United States
I live in North Carolina and I learned the 50 states in elementary school via this same song many years ago!!  We even sang it at a PTO meeting for our parents and made posters representing each state and the kids held up their state when it was time. Where did you ever find this song. I want my kids to use it too. Awesome. Thanks for the wonderful childhood memory.
8/29/2012 5:48:45 AM
Karen Icenhour United States
Karen Icenhour
Amy,Hello I had to learn The Fifty Nifty song to be in Chorus when I was in the 7th grade.You had to sing it all by yourself once you sang it completely then you got to sing it again with the rest of the chorus.I am now 50 and still remember that song state by state.You brought back a good memory thanks.Keep doing what you are doing. God Bless. Karen
8/29/2012 6:05:02 AM
trish United States
I was thrilled to hear you singing the Fifty Nifty song this morning on my way to work!  I sang right a long with you Smile  I'm currently in NC but grew up in Western NY.  I believe we learned the song for our nation's Sesquicentennial.  We performed it for our families and had a blast!  
I also grew up near the Erie Canal(which has a lot of songs)  so when I sing these songs to my teenagers they think I'm nuts!  They just don't learn cool songs like these anymore.
Thanks for bringing back a great memory!
8/29/2012 7:03:53 AM
Carol Taylor United States
Carol Taylor
I heard you talking about Fifty Nifty this morning! I first heard this song when I was a senior in high school (1975). Our city, Lexington, NC, had its bicentential that year and our highschool chorus performed that song. I loved singing it then and really got a treat listening to the conversation this morning! Before you actually played the song I recognized it immediately when AMy started singing it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
8/29/2012 7:32:45 AM
Larry Davis United States
Larry Davis
I am a school bus driver in Indiana.  I had 1 student (18 yrs old) on the bus and told him about it and he started singing it!  I had never heard it.  Thanks for sharing!
8/29/2012 2:53:22 PM
Christina Payne United States
Christina Payne
I LOVE this song...I learned it when I was 9 years old (1979)!  When both my children had to learn the states and capitals, I searched and searched for it on youtube.  I could never remember the exact name. This morning you started talking about it and I started singing it again with you!!  My son, 15 years old, starts laughing at me and asked if we were in the same class together!! LOL!!  Thank you for sharing this special memory!!  Now, I can play them the whole song!!!
8/29/2012 7:21:44 PM
Raven Nelson United States
Raven Nelson
I loved this song, I learned it when I was in the fifth grade (1990). So glad to hear it this morning, on my way to work to teach First graders. It made my early morning.
8/29/2012 7:26:40 PM
Laura United States
Thanks for bringing back great memories of Elementary School.  We sang the Fifty Nifty United  States when I was in 6th grade in a musical.  It was   fun singing along today.
8/30/2012 5:01:42 AM
Theresa Pearce United States
Theresa Pearce
WOW! How COOL! Thank you,for remembering the U.S.A. and honering them this way! What memories they bring back!
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