Oct 02 2012

A marriage saved

Thanks to your support to K-LOVE, you have changed the life of Jonathan and his family. Pledge your gift to K-LOVE by calling us at 800-525-5683 or by giving online.

"About two years ago my wife and I started having problems and separated. Being that I did not have the money for my own place I began sleeping on the couch. My mother gave me a CD by Sanctus Real and told me to play “Lead Me.” I couldn't even finish the song it hit me so hard. Now from that point on I started listening to K love, and more and more I found that right song at the right time so often that I would just break down and cry out for the Lord. I'm proud to say that my wife and I are back together and better than ever and I'm trying now to "lead" her and our children to the Lord so they too can have this warmth and peace that I have found. Thank you all for the ministry and thank you for everyone who helps support k love cause without you all, I might not have been able to stay on that couch and let the lord change me the way that he has. Thank you"

- Jonathan

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