Dec 07 2012

3 Questions to Ask When You're Angry

Do you ever get angry and immediately regret what you say in reaction to your feelings? Next time you get angry, think about the following questions! You may find new solutions to neutralize your anger.

1.  Does wanting to be right serve others?
2.  What does it mean to want my own way?
3.  Am I really right? (or do I just want to win an argument?)

Do you have any other suggestions to deal with anger in a positive way? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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12/7/2012 1:03:52 PM
Sherri United States
I ask myself how is this going to affect my life in 10 minutes, 1 day 1 week.  And most time I won't wven remember it in 10 minutes let alone one week.  

This has gotten me through some tough arguments-which means my need to win is diminished.
12/12/2012 4:43:05 AM
sofia United States
When I get angry at a specific person, the best way i have dealt with it is to ask myself the questions you suggested and then put myself in that person's, not only situation, but that person's whole being - pulling all of what i know of them and pretty much become them for a moment - step into their shoes, so to speak.  I not only stop the anger, but I gain a new understanding of that person - seeing the situation and the world through their eyes.  I pray constantly that God will help me pratice this more frequently.  It requires a lot of selflessness and because i am human it does not happen often enough.  
12/12/2012 6:05:04 AM
Mark Kipp United States
Mark Kipp
I usually don't share stuff like this with just anybody let alone on the internet.  However I feel like stepping out in faith today to share my story. Most of my life I have been angry and didn't even realize it.  One day God led me to Luke 15 and after reading the story it hit me hard that I was the older son.  I proclaimed immediately that I did not want to be like that at all.  Over time He led me to 1 Corinthians 13 where I discovered the importance of love.  Taking small steps to quell my anger (for example Ephesians 4) and increase my love (Jesus' command to love your neighbor) has improved my life considerably.  My anger at things has decreased a lot.    
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