Dec 18 2012

Sam Kankelfritz Wishes You a Merry Christmas

Kankelfritz's 3-year-old son has something to tell you this holiday season!

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12/18/2012 4:26:35 AM
Carol United States
God bless your son, Kankelfritz!He sounds adorable, and his sweet little voice was just what I needed to hear this morning! Merry Christmas!
12/18/2012 7:03:33 AM
dort United States
This morning as you all decided to play the "morning song"...I realized just how tense I was. I realized then that yes, you are was time to play that song. My son was one of the officers on duty during the time when two officers were killed in the line of duty in Topeka, KS. on Sunday night. I think in all tragedies...time seemed to hold hearts still in dark nights of a soul. But Morning does come. And for that mercy and grace from my GOD so great; I am so grateful. I will continue to pray for all that I can....keeping them safe till the Last Morning comes that will last forever. Thank you for all that you guys do. Continue putting the music out that lifts us all into that dawn of a New Morning.
12/19/2012 12:42:46 AM
Janice Ortiz Ramirez United States
Janice Ortiz Ramirez
Hi, My name is Janice Ramirez I just wanted to let you know that I hear K-Love every day and I enjoy all the prayers and music this has help me with my life I lost my daughter April 26, 2012 she was sick of with the flu so the doctor's though will it turn out to be Lucima I had taken her to the Baptist Hosp. a week before she pass the doctor just gave her pain pill for her body ace. Then I took her to a privet doctor and he gave her a shot for the flue and so other meds so on the next couple of days she came home that she could not breath and she ask me to call EMS so then they took her to hospital and that day she was put of lifesupport and the next day she pass she left me two grand babies Rico is 8 and Josiah is 1 year old it has been very hard for me and my husband and now with the holidays Rico is ask for christmax gife and his birthday is on the 12-20-12 we are having money problems and it is very hard for us because of our lost put we pray that all thing go well and that the lord is given me the stright to hand this I love and miss my daughter put her boys are the one keep me strong and not letting me give up so I just want to thank you for all your music and support that you give everyone everyday.
12/24/2012 5:50:40 PM
Jacob United States
Merry Christmas have a great Christmas
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