Jan 11 2013

Andrew Gives His Life to Christ

Here's our conversation with Andrew, a 21-year-old who gave his life to Christ. What a beautiful moment for all of us to witness!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Have you ever witnessed a moment like this? Share it with us in the comments.


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1/13/2013 1:44:58 PM
Joff Rolland United States
Joff Rolland
My friend, David, had been thrown out of just about every school in the area. He finally was placed in a private school where he graduated.  After high school, he joined the US Navy and served on the USS Forrestal during the first Gulf War.  David had a strong disrespect for everything "Christian".  Somehow, he and I became friends.  We bowled, swam, played softball and volleyball together.  We enjoyed each other's company.  One night we had been swimming at Tygart Lake, about 15 miles from our homes.  We'd dried off and got into his car but his car wouldn't go up the hill (which was the only way out).  It was like somebody had attached a huge rubber band to his bumper.  The car just powered out!  After the second or third try, I got out, explaining that without my weight maybe the car would make it to the top where we'd ultimately meet--whether walking or driving.  I started walking the half mile up the hill, while he backed down to the lake for another run at the hill.  When I would see his headlight beams bouncing in the treetops, I would get to the side of the road to be out of his way, should he pass me--but he never reached me.  Over and over again, I saw the lights in the treetops, then stillness and again they faded to blackness as he backed down yet again.  After several tries (and much more walking on my part) there was a very long pause.  I was within sight of the top of the hill when David passed me as if fired out of a cannon!  David pulled over into a wide spot and threw his car into PARK and jumped out almost in a single motion.  His eyes were the size of pizzas!  As he ran toward me, he was shouting, "You won't believe what just happened!"  He explained in the car, "I'd tried many times to come up the hill but the car just wouldn't go up it.  Finally, giving up, I started hitting the steering wheel and cussing the car.  Finally, I gave up and just put my head down on the steering wheel and closed my eyes and said, 'God, I know I've never been much to you, but would you please get my car out of here?'  -- and it was like a giant grabbed the car by the roof and launched it up the hill!"  We only spoke about four times during the ride home.  David gave his life to Jesus in my driveway that night.  He went on to become a pastor and a powerful man of God!
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