Jan 15 2013

1 Year Without Makeup

This week we had a caller tell us that she's gone an entire year without makeup and loves it!

If you wear it, have you ever tried a no-makeup fast? What was your experience with it?


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1/15/2013 9:41:49 AM
Linda United States
I gave up wearing make up years ago...And I fall in love with my natural look. Every now and then I might use a little make up for formal events, but not every day.

1/15/2013 10:47:14 AM
RENEE United States
in ref to wearing make up - an old pastor used to say, "if the barn needs painting, you paint it"
i laughed this morning thinking about that while you were talking about makeup.  personally, i feel better when i have it on.
1/15/2013 7:11:37 PM
caroline United States
I must say.. I don't see why the make-up is viewed so important or in the matter it has been percieved? I love makeup but do not wear an abundance of it. I will admit I will not leave home with out lipstick ! I feel as if makeup has always been able to make me feel a little better and I have had people tell me all my life I look fine without it.. but you know what I love  that it just reminds me of my grandmother and my great aunt..they always needed to have their face powder on to make them feel like_ ok.."i'm ok" and now I can face the world" it wasn't about being vain it was just always a good feeling>
1/16/2013 5:01:16 AM
Kathy United States
I am 45 and have not worn makeup for over 20 years....my husband does not like it, and says I do not need it...only thing I wear is mascara.  My skin is great!  I have tried just eyeshadow, but found I am allergic to all the products...so I am all natural and love it.  I can get ready to go out in only 15 min, a definate Pro!
1/17/2013 6:29:05 AM
kaysha United States
I do not wear make-up. I'm 31. I only tried to wear it once in highschool and made it 4 days and decided that it was way too much work. Smile I feel better without it! Its also much quicker getting ready, lighter bags to pack when traveling, no tough up through the day, no need for large purse (or any purse at all if u have pickets) to each their own.. it's not for me. Smile
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