Feb 11 2013

The Three People You Need

To maximize growth and success, you will need three types of people along your professional journey: advisor, sponsor and mentor. 

The Advisor - The person that provides direction, such as where you should go to learn what you need so you get reach your goals.

The Sponsor - The person who’s going to expend their own personal capital (connections, reputation, finances) to allow you to get ahead.

The Mentor - The person that allows you to bare your soul. The person you can say, “I’ve got this fear, and I’ve got this anxiety.” A mentor helps you through your challenges and issues.

Do you have these people in your life already? Or better yet, are you acting as one of these people to someone in their journey? 

- Amy


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2/11/2013 8:04:01 AM
cheri wilson United States
cheri wilson
love the morning show listen to it every
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