Feb 26 2013

Ways to adjust your budget without feeling the pinch

The hardest part of budgeting is worrying how it will affect the everyday life that you're used to living. I found an article on ways to slightly cut your budget, without having to give up too much.

Change the way you shop: Cook according to what’s on sale. Plan your meals in advance with the week’s brochure from your local grocery store. Consider shopping at multiple stores to get most of your groceries at a discount.

Stockpile: Everything from cereal to chuck roast! If it’s on sale and you have the space, get it at rock-bottom price and buy multiples.

Rediscover the library: Your local library has way more than just books. Check out DVDs, audio books, and tap into activities for preschoolers and up (like story time and other fun crafts.) Your library might also have fun classes for date nights that are way cheaper than dinner and a movie.

Shop for clothes seasonally: And by that, we mean the opposite season. Bathing suits are way cheaper at the end of the summer than they are in May. That winter coat? Get it in March for a fraction of what you’d pay in November.

- Amy

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