Feb 27 2013

Disappearing For A Cause

Slavery in America came to an end decades ago, or did it? 

Today all of K-LOVE is disappearing from all of social media, in honor of the 27 million who have disappeared into slavery. Women, men and children are being held captive all over the world. And would you believe us if we told you that of the 161 countries where this is occurring, the United States is one of them? 

It isn't just a worldly issue. It's something that is happening in our own cities, on our own corner - to our own people. 

You can help. The first step is to watch the video below. Change your social media images to the blackout images (can be found on our Facebook page) and update your status: 

Today, I am disappearing for the day from social media in honor of the 27 million who've disappeared in slavery. #enditmovement


Together, we can raise awareness. 

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