Mar 19 2013

Just 88 Cents

On Saturday, I went to Walmart. I was stopped by an older grandpa-like man, and he asked me what the date was. I looked at my phone and told him it was the 16th. He laughed and said, "Oh, I missed my birthday, it was on the 10th!!" I looked and him and said, "What no one remembered? No one made you a cake" He looked at me and scoffed, "No one has made me a cake since I was a little boy."

I was sad by that and thought about it all weekend. How sad it is that no one in his life remember or cared to remember his birthday! 

Well, Monday, I’m back at Walmart (yes, I go there way too much) and I see the same man in McDonalds, drinking coffee with some other men. I did my shopping and then went to the bakery and grabbed a cupcake, checked out and went into McDonalds. 

I walked up to him and asked him, "Are you the gentleman that asked me on Saturday what the date was?" And he said yes. I handed him the cupcake and said, "Well, Happy Birthday!" He started crying. I patted him on the back and walked away, because I didn't want him to see me cry. 

I hear him yell out, thank you and his friends all laughed. One said, "My birthday is next month!" 

It cost me 88 cents and he was happier than a two year old!


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