Apr 10 2013

Hannah And Suicide

Whenever we say that God uses you through K-LOVE to save lives - we aren't kidding. 

Here is a story from Hannah who was struggling with depression and was ready to take her own life. Her life changes with K-LOVE. (After this call, we put Hannah in touch with one of the K-LOVE pastors.) 

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4/11/2013 7:54:11 AM
Priya United States
I have a cousin who struggled with depression and he was unable to stand up against it and took his own life 11 years ago and i only wish K love was there to encourage him and to make a difference in his life. when i hear about how these songs are touching many lives and are stopping people from giving up, i think about my brother who had no one. i couldn't be there for him because i didn't know that he was struggling with these thoughts. so, thanks for what you do to keep people from giving up. God bless!
4/12/2013 7:29:37 AM
Denise Mathis United States
Denise Mathis
What book where talking about this morning? I was driving and couldnt write the name down. The one about the guys wife dying of cancer. Thank you so much
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