Apr 24 2013

Things To Do Before Kids

Things You Need To Do Before Becoming A Mom

- Enjoy sleep. Nap - It's a luxury that becomes a necessity you never seem to have enough of. Buy nice sheets. Roll around in them. Spend a whole day in bed. The next time you do it, you'll be comforting a feverish, puking child and that's not nearly as enjoyable.

- Drive a fun car - A convertible or a Beetle. Blast music that you love. Soon you'll be driving a minivan and singing along to the Laurie Berkner Band. Even when you're alone in the car.

- Travel with your spouse -
 Family vacations are wonderful, but not the same. And finding someone to watch three kids under 5? Impossible.

- Take a shower - 
Alone, without faces peeking through.

- Do things spur of the moment -
 Jet off somewhere at the last minute, with nothing but the clothes on your back. Have an impromptu adventure. Once you have kids, you'll need to plan everything.

- Spend money on yourself -
Invest in some really great forever items, because once you have kids, the trade-off will not seem worth it. You'll calculate the number of diapers you could buy for the cost of those designer sunglasses. Buy them now and wear them later.

- Go to the bathroom with the door shut - 
It will be years before you get to do that again.

- Under-appreciate your parents -
 Roll your eyes at them. Question their actions and judgment. Tell them they don't know everything. Once you have kids, you'll have a new-found appreciation for them and discover that they know a lot more than you gave them credit for. Ignorance is bliss. 

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