May 01 2013

Simple Ways to Raise Your Kids

I found this article - written by the author of several parenting books. I thought I'd pass it along to you! 

1. Eliminate an activity. They need to relax and they need to be bored but most of all, they need to not be in a hurry to get from place to place all the time. Look at everything your kids are doing and if it’s more than three big things a week eliminate one.

2. Read to them every night. Reading books every night is a great way to A) instill a love of reading, B) Be fully present with your child and C) Wind down for bedtime. It’s a win/win/win!

3. Find your own happiness. Happy parents make happy kids.

4. Love your kids for who they are. Lots of times we try to change our kids with the best intentions. We worry that they will get teased or not have the opportunities we want them to have unless they change but trust me - I've done the research on this and our kids are who they are. Our job is just to love them.

5. Watch the tone with your spouse. Don’t make your issues, your child’s issues.

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