Aug 22 2013

Just Look

If you were to look out the window of our studio here in Indianapolis you would see a medium sized pond.  It's a peaceful little setting with a few picnic tables and the occasional quacking of a duck or two.  Today however, there was something we've never seen before: a woman resting her head on one of those picnic tables.  She just didn't look right, ya know?  I mean, you could tell she was having a rough day.  So, I went outside to check up on her.

Vanessa is 23 years old and serves in the Air Force.  She told me that she had a "rough night" and was trying to wait it out before a 1 o'clock meeting with her recruiter.  I could relate to Vanessa.  I've had plenty of rough nights in the past and even worse mornings.  She had been out drinking all night and wasn't feeling well. 

I said, "Vanessa.  I'm just gonna be real with you. I'm a Christian and Jesus has saved me from alcohol, drugs, self-hatred, depression, and more. Basically, He saved me from myself and healed me.  I would like to ask Him to heal you.  May I pray?"

"Sure." was her reply.

Sitting across from each other, I took her hands in mine and asked God to meet us.  Upon praying she let go of my hands and started throwing up.  I stayed with her for a little while, got her some water and a sweatshirt from my car to use as a makeshift pillow.  

God loves Vanessa!  And by the time we had finished talking, she was praying to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior.

It all started by simply looking out the window; looking outside to see what was going on.  How exciting!  I pray today you and I will take every moment to look out from where we are, and that God will give us eyes to see as He sees. 

Love ya'!


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